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FSD Portable Hand Hygiene Training Kits

Our new UV GlowBag Kits have UV lights that can be used independently of the light box, making them ideal for effective cleaning as well as hand hygiene demonstrations.

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Further Information

FSD Hand Hygiene Training Kits New for 2013

FSD Hand Hygiene Training Kits New for 2013Over the years we have sold thousands of our FSD Hand Hygiene Training Kits to the NHS and other medical care providers, government agencies, food businesses, schools, universities and infection control trainers.

We are currently updating our Kits, which will continue to have all the features that made the original models so popular, including:

• Lightweight one-piece design.

• No need for a mains power supply as it will also run off batteries.

• Lamp can be removed to demonstrate effective cleaning and cross-contamination in the classroom.

• No need for separate carry case - the case is the inspection cabinet.

• A compartment in the base keeps accessories safe during transportation.

How it Works

How it WorksAs with our original kit, all you need to us the kit is open up the front of the case, switch on the lamp and it is ready to use.

GlitterBug Potion

Using GlitterBug Potion is as Easy as this:

Using GlitterBug Potion

Using the potion is a simple 3 step process:

1. Ask the student to rub the potion on their hands.
2. The student washes and dries their hands as normal.
3. When placed under a uv lamp any areas not washed properly will show up - as if by magic!