The Food Safety Direct Embroidery Service

Our embroidery service is available on the majority of the garments offered on this website.

The standard embroidery service includes one or two lines of embroidery in a single-position on the garment. A choice of thread colours and font styles are available and can be selected at the time of ordering.

Embroidery FAQs

Are there any pitfalls with ordering embroidery online?

The beauty of ordering online is that you can see exactly what you are ordering and can double check everything before submitting your order. However we would strongly recommend that you:

  1. Make sure you are ordering the correct size as we are unable to provide refunds on customised garments (see below).
  2. Ensure that the text you include with your order is exactly as you want it embroidering. We often get spelling mistakes, lower case letters instead of capital letters, no full stops where full stops are required etc. We embroider text as it is entered on your order!
  3. Carefully check the email order confirmation to ensure that the order details are as expected.

Why do you restrict the number of letters that can be embroidered per line?

This is simply because there is only so much room on the garment. If there is a lot of text, then we have to make the letters smaller to fit them in. If they are too small they become unreadable.

Can you embroider logos?

Yes. We embroider logos for many well known companies, charities, schools, colleges, local authorities, NHS Trusts and small businesses.

What does it cost to have a logo embroidered?

Firstly the logo needs to be digitised – converted into a stitch file that the embroidery machines can read. The cost of this work will depend upon the size and complexity of the logo. A relatively straight forward logo may cost around £10 to £20.

Digitisation is a one-off charge and so if you required a repeat order, using exactly the same artwork, then there would be no further set-up charge. (Please note that even minor changes, such as resizing a logo usually have to be charged for as it will involve reworking the digitised image).

Secondly, the cost of actually embroidering the logo will also vary according to the how big and how intricate the logo is.

We will be more than happy to provide you with a no-obligation quotation for embroidering your artwork. Just send us a good quality image file, such as a jpeg.

Are there any restrictions on what logos and images you can embroider?

Yes. We are sorry, but we are unable to embroider artwork that is subject to copyright, unless of course, you or your organisation owns the copyright!

What is your return policy for embroidered items?

We are unable to accept the return of goods made to the customer’s specifications. This includes items made to special sizes, colours or goods that have been customised, for example that have been embroidered or printed. It is therefore vital that:

  1. You ensure that the garment(s) is the correct size before ordering. We have comprehensive on-line sizing guides for most products, however if you are still not sure – please contact us before ordering.
  2. That you carefully check any artwork that we send you approval.